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Episode 16 – Lender Series: The Impact of the SEC’s Climate Risk Disclosure Rule on Financial Institutions


On March 6th, the SEC adopted their rule to standardize climate-related disclosures. ERIS recently discussed the rule, its impact for financial institutions, and how to approach and update the organization’s risk framework and reporting requirements, with Marty Walters of Recovery Risk, LLC on the Risk-E Business Podcast.

About the Speaker:

Marty Walters, Principal Consultant and Managing Member, Recovery Risk
Marty has spent decades in the environmental field, first in hazardous waste management, then working on site cleanups for the military and private organizations. In 2003, she transitioned to serving as a technical expert within financial institutions, and spent several decades underwriting environmental, seismic, and property condition risks for a wide range of equity and debt transactions. Marty has always been involved in planning for and responding to emergencies throughout her career. In 2011, Marty helped organize GE Japan’s response to the triple disaster in Fukushima, and she experienced firsthand the range of specialized skills and management tools that are needed during a long and complicated recovery period. Today she supports public and private organizations prevent losses and respond to disasters with good governance and risk management.

About the Moderator:

Dave Colonna, Director, Lender Services, ERIS
Dave joined ERIS in the summer of 2021 and serves as Director, Lender Services. He has supported the needs of both environmental professionals and lenders for the past 20 years. In his spare time, Dave enjoys playing golf and traveling with his family.