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Maggie Losoya

ERIS_Maggie.LosoyaThis quarter, we’re shining a spotlight on Maggie Losoya, Regional Account Manager for the Western States, including California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Alaska. Maggie joined ERIS in May 2022 and has been dedicated to providing the best solutions to our valued clients ever since.

Maggie grew up in Wisconsin, just outside of the vibrant city of Madison. Her background in environmental consulting has ingrained in her the importance of delivering accurate numbers for quotes without delay. She understands the urgency that comes with juggling multiple projects and navigating complex sites. It’s here that Maggie truly excels, going above and beyond to assist clients and earn their trust every step of the way. Clients consistently turn to ERIS as trusted team member, knowing that we deliver results. At ERIS, Maggie’s dedication to helping clients save time and reduce stress is a true win for everyone involved.

Beyond her professional life, Maggie’s home is a hub of excitement as a mother of two lively kids. You’ll often find her cheering enthusiastically at the golf course or the hockey rink, supporting her children’s passions and celebrating their accomplishments. When it’s time to create lasting memories, Maggie loves embarking on thrilling adventures with her kids, whether it’s exploring the magical realm of Disneyland or being awe-struck by the natural wonders of Zion National Park.

Maggie’s husband, Joe, is an active-duty Navy pilot and flew the MH-60 helicopter. He started his military career when their son was born. They attended flight school in Florida before relocating to San Diego. During this time, Maggie received her commission as an Intel Officer in the Navy Reserves. As a military family, they understand the sacrifices it requires, and their dual military status presents additional challenges. However, they feel fortunate to have an amazing support system of family and friends, as well as a company like ERIS that values Maggie’s dedication to service. San Diego’s stunning location adds positivity to their journey.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING FOR ERIS: Firstly, she cherishes the family environment that ERIS fosters. The team operates as a close-knit unit, supporting and cheering one another on. It’s truly heartwarming when coworkers and colleagues celebrate personal achievements outside of ERIS or share in the excitement of her children’s accomplishments—like sinking a putt for birdie during a golf tournament. Secondly, Maggie finds great joy in being part of a company that values innovation. With new problem sets being identified every day, from climate change to new contaminants and health risks, it’s an honor to be part of a team that consistently finds ways to create new products or tools to help the other amazing companies in the industry tackle the issues of the day. Being part of the solution is nothing short of amazing.

FIRST JOB POST-COLLEGE: After graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, Maggie spent two months as a camp counselor in Northern Ontario, Canada, revisiting the camp where she had spent 11 memorable summers during her childhood. Following that, she relocated to Washington D.C., where she worked as a Legal Assistant for a patent attorney.

FAVORITE FOOD: Fish tacos with a margarita on the side

FAVORITE WAY TO UNWIND: Maggie loves going on long walks. The southern California sun always helps with stress!

INTERESTING THING ABOUT MAGGIE, THAT OTHERS MAY NOT KNOW: Maggie’s summer camp she mentioned earlier offered a unique adventure – canoe trips across the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Ontario. She has explored numerous lakes and rivers, including crossing James Bay and even taking a ride on the Polar Bear Express train from Moosonee to Cochrane, which happens to be the hometown of the renowned Shania Twain!