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PFAS UPDATE: Key Strategies for Navigating Environmental Due Diligence

by Mary Ann Grena Manley
Founder & President, 15E Communications LLC,
Washington, DC
December 2022

PFAS can be a game changer in commercial real estate transactions.

As evolving policies expand the scope of potential liabilities and cleanup costs, environmental professionals must consider what steps they can take to address, mitigate, and manage PFAS-related risks at potentially impacted properties.

Although EPA is moving full steam ahead in implementing its PFAS Roadmap, there currently is no uniform approach to PFAS regulation in the United States. On the state level, there is a patchwork of various regulatory requirements, from relatively stringent to no regulatory framework at all. Given these inconsistencies and the emergence of new legal obligations, it’s important for environmental professionals to be aware of the applicable requirements and have a strategy for navigating potential PFAS risks and impacts.

This article presents an update on the PFAS regulatory landscape, and provides 10 practical considerations for addressing PFAS risks on commercial real estate.


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