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$50 USD

The MYPLACE Report for Austria offers a comprehensive and easy-to-read site evaluation that takes into account many different factors such as demographics, infrastructure, land use, contamination records, noise and air pollution, traffic, climate of the neighborhood and much more.

Checkmyplace accumulates data from a variety of sources, including that which is publicly available, as well as from government and private sources.

The report includes information on contamination, such as former chemical or waste landfills, including military contaminations. Classification as a contamination presupposes that soil and/or groundwater investigations have demonstrated contamination by pollutants. Areas suspected of being contaminated must be specially marked in land-use or development plans.

The report includes a section on flood risk using Austria’s flood Information system. The data is continuously compared to public water management data. The report provides an objective basis for flood risk assessment. Threats to a property from flooding on the basis of hazard zones (Zone 1-3) are examined. Flood zones assess the hazard of a property, from low to high, based on the statistical probability of a flood occurring in a certain period of time. Visualization of flood-prone areas of the site environment offers a great advantage when evaluating a property. The report provides significant time-saving by pulling together information from secondary sources and on-site data collection in one place.

Sample Report:

To order this report, please contact Mark Mattei at , 416-510-6859 or toll free 1-866-517-5204 ext. 43732.