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$900 USD

ERIS provides three key reports that combine essential information for any due diligence project: Property Setting ReportEnviro-Screen, and Historical Imagery.

Property Setting Report

The PSR provides comprehensive information about the physical setting surrounding a site and includes a complete overview of topography as well as hydrologic, geologic and soil characteristics.

Property Setting Report components (with accompanying maps):

  • Site Location Map and Sensitive Receptors
  • Land Zoning
  • Soil Landscapes and ASS
  • Geology
  • Petroleum, Coal, CSG, Groundwater and Other
  • Bores
  • Hydrogeological Landscapes
  • Groundwater Exclusion Zones
  • UPSS Sensitivity

Enviro-Screen Report

An extensive search of environmental, potentially contaminative activities and known contaminated land records for a property and the surrounding area.

Report Components (with accompanying maps):

As per Property Setting Report with the inclusion of:

  • PFAS Investigation Program
  • EPA Records/Licensing
  • Other recorded contamination issues
  • Potentially contaminating activities
  • Historical Commercial & Trade Directory Data
  • Heritage Constraints
  • Natural Hazards and Coastal Management (Flood,
  • Bushfire, Coastal Proximity Constraints)

Historical Imagery Package

Our historic imagery database consists of aerial imagery dating back to 1930. We have a library of historic zoning maps, fire insurance maps, city surveyor maps, utility maps, parish maps and topographic maps past and present.

To order this report package, please contact Mark Mattei at , 416-510-6859 or toll free 1-866-517-5204 ext. 43732.