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Environmental Consultants Reflect on COVID-19’s Impact in Canada

by: Mary Ann Grena Manley
Communications Consultant & Freelance Writer
Washington, D.C.
[email protected]
Twitter: @magmanley

and Guy Crittenden
Content Developer for ERIS
Toronto, Ontario
[email protected]

December 2020

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year.

COVID-19 and the resulting impacts from lockdowns, travel restrictions, physical distancing, and mask-wearing interrupted business as usual, forcing most businesses to reevaluate operations and adjust to the “new normal.”

But not all of this change has been bad, and in fact, some of it has been a boost to our industry and even to day-to-day working conditions, according to a diverse group of environmental due diligence professionals we recently spoke with across Canada.