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SmartCD is the most intuitive and efficient city directory report in the industry.

Discover the power of ERIS' latest innovation: SmartCD. Our SmartCD is the most intuitive and efficient city directory report in the industry, designed to provide you with accurate, compliant results, and improve turnaround times. With ERIS' SmartCD, you can say goodbye to guesswork and save valuable time.

What makes it a SmartCD?

Intuitive and Efficient: Our SmartCD eliminates the need for you to determine which properties to include in a city directory search. Our experienced CD experts handle the process for you, leveraging their knowledge of historical and regional nuances to provide a compliant and streamlined search. It's faster than a radius search, saving you time and effort.

Relevant and Accurate: SmartCD identifies the “Phase I Property" and any commercially used adjacent properties, exceeding the CSA Z768-01 standard for Phase I ESAs. This ensures a more relevant search that includes necessary addresses and excludes unnecessary ones.

Image Reports for Enhanced Context: With SmartCD, you get actual image output, bringing the library to you. Our image reports provide valuable context, including cross streets and added comments, helping you identify other features or nearby properties of interest. You can trust that the results are accurate, eliminating transcription errors.

Key Benefits and Features:

Time Savings

When placing the ERIS order, there is no need to determine which properties to include in the search, that’s the ‘Smart’ in  SmartCD.

Reduce Rework Requests

The SmartCD detects street name changes and address renumbering right from the start, minimizing the need for revisions.

Accuracy and Compliance

The SmartCD ensures compliant CD searches with its proprietary methodology and adherence to standard guidance.

ERIS' SmartCD eliminates guesswork and delivers precise, accurate results, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

SmartCD is more than just a city directory. It's a tool that uses the expertise of our seasoned city directory researchers, who understand the historical and regional nuances that make each city unique. Traditionally, city directory searches have been focused on the site or within a certain radius. However, this approach can yield hundreds of pages of results, leading to a lengthy and costly report that takes an excessive amount of time to complete. Hence, we've developed the SmartCD, a tool that streamlines this process and delivers only the data that you need.

SmartCD simplifies the research process in three easy steps:

  1. Choose your Phase I Property when placing the order – no need to provide street names or address ranges.

  2. Our expert team pulls relevant adjoining property addresses based on your subject property boundaries, utilizing property information, historical maps, imagery, and other reliable sources.

  3. Enjoy the convenience of a scanned high-quality image of the directory provided in pdf output. The SmartCD brings the library to you, delivering accurate results without the risk of transcription errors. Image reports offer valuable context, including cross streets and added comments for identifying other features or nearby properties of interest.

Welcome to the era of smart data! SmartCD combines historical data with modern capabilities to deliver the best results for your projects.

Cost: $195 for target property and adjacent properties

Turnaround time: 5 business days (may vary for complex sites)

As of August 1, if your project still requires a radius search, we can accommodate that as a custom order and provide project-specific turnaround times and costs.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Regarding Radius and Custom City Directory Research

In order to serve you better, it is necessary for us to make changes to our city directory offerings. By making these changes, we can improve turnaround times and provide an easier way for you to get the relevant city directory information you need. Faster, easier, and more relevant city directory research is right around the corner.

In summary, our city directory offerings will change August 1 to the following:

Single Subject Site Search: $90
Providing a comprehensive report of historical tenants for a single property.

SmartCD Search: $195
Providing a comprehensive report of historical tenants for a single Phase I property as well as all adjacent properties. In cases where there may be relevant commercial activity nearby, this information will also be included when reasonable.

Custom City Directory Research: quote
For all other custom searches, we will provide a cost estimate and turnaround time based on the specifics of the individual project.

Our Regional Account Managers are available to provide personalized guidance and demonstrate how this innovation can streamline your ESA process. You can reach out directly to your Regional Account Manager, or contact us via email at [email protected].