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The Wrecking Ball at Rest: Adaptive Reuse Breathes New Life into Empty or Underutilized Buildings

Adaptive reuse in commercial real estate is on the rise. No wonder, since it can save time, money, and resources...

The Abandonment Boom, Part 2: The Impact

An in-depth look at the impacts the oilandgas clean-up program has had on the environmental service co's involved and the progress of site.

The Abandonment Boom, Part 1: The Funding Rollout

A behind-the-scenes reveal of the $1.72 billion windfall - COVID relief money the federal government allocated to support the reclamation of dormant oil and gas sites.

ERIS Updates

Stronger Together

ERIS and GeoSearch unite, raising the standard of environmental property due diligence in North America.


ERIS has developed 2 new tools to create efficiency

Your new best friend. Our time-saving due diligence tools!


ERIS President Carol Le Noury elected to the Board of the Canadian Brownfields Network

The CBN is pleased to announce the election of its new Board of Directors for the coming 2020-2021 period. The Board will now include Carol Le Noury, President of ERIS.


Update for our valued customers (COVID-19) – March 25

Update for our valued customers: Following up on our message of Friday, March 13th, I want to report that ERIS is completely open for business and our employees are all now safely working from their home offices.


Industry News

Oct 12, 2021

Oil price spike won’t increase industry cleanup spending: Alberta energy minister

The current spike in oil prices is no reason to force industry to spend more on cleaning up Alberta's tens of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells, says the province's energy minister.


Oct 08, 2021

Special to the DCN: The dirt on environmental cleanup: Part three, community engagement

This Special to the DCN three-part series on what you need to know to hire the right contractor for your next big remediation project began with an article differentiating between a consultant versus a contractor.


Oct 07, 2021

Special to the DCN: The dirt on environmental cleanup — Part two, experience is key

When it comes to environmental remediation, it could be a simple “dig and dump” project or it could require a multi-disciplinary approach. Either way, the key to a successful project is having the right team of experts for the job.


Oct 06, 2021

Special to the DCN: The dirt on environmental cleanup — Part one, where to start

When it comes to environmental remediation, no two jobs are alike. It could be a simple “dig and dump,” or it could require a multi-disciplinary approach with a variety of remedial technologies and project partners.


Oct 06, 2021

Reinsurance industry underestimating climate risk, says S&P Global

An empirical scenario analysis undertaken by international ratings agency S&P Global has indicated that the reinsurance industry could be underestimating its exposure to climate risk by 33-50%.