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Ontario Streamlines Environmental Assessment Requirements For Certain Projects

Since 1975, Ontario has specified types of projects required to prepare environmental assessments (EAs) before construction, under evolving requirements of the provincial Environmental Assessment Act (EAA). Our latest ERIS Originals explores Ontario streamlining the EA process for certain projects...

Got Dirty Dirt? B.C. Expands Requirements for Potentially Contaminated Soils

Most of the time, property (re)development includes at least some excavation and soil removal. The vexing problem of “Dirty dirt” — soils and related materials contaminated by past activities at properties — may require extensive remediation or excavation and re-disposal before...

Supreme Court Finds Most of Impact Assessment Act Unconstitutional

On October 13, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that most provisions of the federal Impact Assessment Act (IAA) — those addressing “Designated Projects” and not subject to direct federal involvement — are an overreach of federal authority.

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ERIS Newsletter – Insider June 2024

ERIS Insider summarizes key news items and current trends shaping the work of environmental assessment and due diligence practitioners.


ERIS Updates

Introducing Exciting Upgrades Aerial Imaging for Large Projects in Canada

Introducing enhancements to our aerial images - a leap forward in environmental risk assessment technology.


Spring 2024 Spotlight on Scriva by ERIS

ERIS is launching into Spring 2024 with a spotlight on its high-performance report authoring platform, Scriva. Its comprehensive suite of features will transform team collaboration, efficiency and customized, quality output.


Tools and Resources for Climate Risk Preparedness in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate, the increasing prevalence of climate-related hazards and extreme weather events puts millions of U.S. and Canadian properties at risk, emphasizing the importance of climate risk assessment...


Containing Risk: Climate Data and Phase I ESAs – A Case Study of ASTs in High Flood Risk Regions

As industry leaders and environmental stewards, we understand the growing importance of integrating climate data into our risk assessment protocols. That’s why we’re excited to share the latest case study that underscores the necessity of such data...