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The Wrecking Ball at Rest: Adaptive Reuse Breathes New Life into Empty or Underutilized Buildings

Adaptive reuse in commercial real estate is on the rise. No wonder, since it can save time, money, and resources...

The Abandonment Boom, Part 1: The Funding Rollout

A behind-the-scenes reveal of the $1.72 billion windfall - COVID relief money the federal government allocated to support the reclamation of dormant oil and gas sites.

Savvy Funding Strategies For Brownfield Redevelopment in Canada

Alternative approaches to financing the redevelopment of old commercial properties and brownfield sites

ERIS Updates

Stronger Together

ERIS and GeoSearch unite, raising the standard of environmental property due diligence in North America.


ERIS has developed 2 new tools to create efficiency

Your new best friend. Our time-saving due diligence tools!


ERIS President Carol Le Noury elected to the Board of the Canadian Brownfields Network

The CBN is pleased to announce the election of its new Board of Directors for the coming 2020-2021 period. The Board will now include Carol Le Noury, President of ERIS.


Update for our valued customers (COVID-19) – March 25

Update for our valued customers: Following up on our message of Friday, March 13th, I want to report that ERIS is completely open for business and our employees are all now safely working from their home offices.


Industry News

Sep 11, 2021

Feds give city $18 million for well cleanup

The City of Medicine Hat could cut its entire abandonment costs at the controversial Manyberries oilfield in half thanks to a newly awarded $18 million from a federal government fund to pay for well cleanup in environmentally sensitive areas.


Sep 10, 2021

Environment platforms of five parties – you decide

Many observers predicted that the 2021 federal election would be about the environment and, more specifically, about climate change action.


Sep 09, 2021

Action Required: Reporting of Any Interest in Land Held in BC

On or before November 30, 2021, every relevant corporation, relevant trust, or relevant partnership (each, a “Reporting Body”) holding a registered interest in land in British Columbia is required to complete and file a Transparency Report under the Land Owner Transparency Act (“LOTA”), unless...


Sep 08, 2021

Rising municipality charges stalling efforts to develop green buildings in Canada

Rising development charges and insufficient incentives are stifling some major municipalities’ efforts to encourage developers to build green.


Sep 03, 2021

Another real estate boom in Canada is being fuelled by our insatiable appetite for online shopping

Vacancy rates in Calgary and Edmonton industrial property plunge as investors forced to reach beyond already tight markets in Vancouver and Toronto.