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Savvy Funding Strategies For Brownfield Redevelopment in Canada

Alternative approaches to financing the redevelopment of old commercial properties and brownfield sites

Environmental and industry implications of Ontario’s Bill 197

Ontario's Bill 197 may spur development, but critics wonder at what cost?

Tech Talk: Rising Interest in SMR Technology

This article explores developments and some pros and cons of small modular reactor (SMR) technology, research projects for which are underway in Canada and the United States.

ERIS Updates

ERIS has developed 2 new tools to create efficiency

Your new best friend. Our time-saving due diligence tools!


ERIS President Carol Le Noury elected to the Board of the Canadian Brownfields Network

The CBN is pleased to announce the election of its new Board of Directors for the coming 2020-2021 period. The Board will now include Carol Le Noury, President of ERIS.


Update for our valued customers (COVID-19) – March 25

Update for our valued customers: Following up on our message of Friday, March 13th, I want to report that ERIS is completely open for business and our employees are all now safely working from their home offices.


Important Message from ERIS (COVID-19) – March 16

Update for our valued customers: The growing global health concern of COVID-19, the coronavirus, is impacting the way each of us goes about our day-to-day work and home life, and how we conduct our business operations.


Industry News

Sep 18, 2020

Ontario reveals its proposed project list

Ontario has released a draft of a new project list regulation that describes projects that will be subject to a comprehensive environmental assessment (EA) under the amended Environmental Assessment Act.


Sep 14, 2020

Finance experts call for greater transparency on climate risks and opportunities

New report outlines three key pillars to close gaps and better inform sustainable finance.


Sep 04, 2020

Activists aim a second lawsuit at Ontario’s Bill 197

A second lawsuit — this one filed by Earthroots, the Canadian Environmental Law Association...


Sep 01, 2020

The world added more solar, wind than anything else last year

For the first time ever, solar and wind made up the majority of new power generation in the world — marking a seismic shift in how nations get their electricity.


Aug 31, 2020

Mini-reactors are gaining traction in the push for greener grids

The nuclear industry has been stalled for years now, struggling to compete with cheaper forms of power and viewed as suspect ever since the accidents at Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.