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Environmental Practice Redefined: Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technology

The evolving technology landscape is transforming the everyday practices of environmental and business professionals with accelerating impact. In the environmental due diligence space, drones have transformed site inspections and compliance monitoring.

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Industry News

In an aging central florida superfund site huge machines aim to knock out a toxic mess

Nov 27, 2023 - In an aging Central Florida Superfund site, huge machines aim to knock out a toxic mess. Soon, the dangers of the Tower Chemical ...


Two places in Kentucky have high rates of PFAS. Here’s what officials are doing about it

Nov 27, 2023 - In the latest round of testing for forever chemicals, the Kentucky Division of Water discovered high rates in two communities. Now, municipal leaders are working with state officials to try and fix it.


New maps show where snowfall is disappearing

Nov 25, 2023 - Snowfall is declining globally as temperatures warm because of human-caused climate change, a new analysis and maps from a NOAA climate scientist show.