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ERIS is ... Environmental Risk Information Services

We’re a leading provider of environmental and property due diligence data, historical information and software solutions for the US, Canada, and Mexico; and we’re distinguished by our tireless dedication to personal, responsive service, innovation, and accuracy. We create workflow tools, products and digital applications designed around your needs.

ERIS is all about making your work life easier when conducting property due diligence. And that requires constant development and refinement of our technology.

In fact, no one offers more cutting-edge, up-to-date solutions than the ERIS Power Suite — from accurate data, layered and geo-referenced historical products, the mobile app through to our new report authoring and project management platform.

If you want to stay ahead of your workload, then follow the leader in environmental risk and property assessment technology. More…

At ERIS, we believe our staff should be composed of people who are equally dedicated to the industry as you are.

That’s why we employ so many industry insiders, who offer countless ways to get the information you need. Not just through our leading technologies, but from all the resourceful, friendly people who make it their pledge to serve you. More…

At ERIS, we believe in helping you stay ahead of the competition through constant surveillance of industry trends and standards, so we can then share them with you!

In fact, no one offers more products and services to help you keep up with the environmental and property due diligence industry than ERIS. From the most current data to comprehensive historical products, to guidance on the latest industry standards, ERIS is here with the information you need to stay ahead. More…