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General Inquiries

Have a general question?
Email us and we’ll get you to the right staff member:
Call us at 1-866-517-5204 (toll free).

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Brayden Ford – Mid-Atlantic
National Sales Manager
States: VA, MD, DE, DC
(416) 510-5243 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43713

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Rich DeMusis – Rockies & Heartland
Regional Account Manager
States: MT, ID, ND, SD, WY, NE, KS, CO, UT, NM
(303) 997-4266 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43727

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Patrick Kennedy – Northeast
Regional Account Manager
States: ME, VT, NH, NJ, RI, CT, MA, NY
(203) 208-0216 or (203) 848-4599

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Nickolas Freeman – Upstate NY & Midwest
Regional Account Manager
States: IN, OH, KY, WV, PA, NY
(585) 808-7572 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43744

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Melissa Misale – Southwest
Regional Account Manager
States: HI, AZ, Southern CA
(949) 230-5703 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43730

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Garrett Rosenbaum – Southeast
Regional Account Manager
States: TN, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC
(843) 437-1473 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43581

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Peter Templeton, P.E – Upper Midwest
Regional Sales Agent
States: MN, WI, MI, IA
(414) 418-8367 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43649

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Jason Dolce – Pacific Northwest
Regional Account Manager
States: WA, OR, NV, AK, Northern CA
(310) 804-0037 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43741

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Shawn Boswell – South Central
Regional Account Manager
States: TX, OK, LA, AR
(940) 368-0784 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43745

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Tom Hamill
Regional Account Manager
States: FL, IL, MO
(727) 698-7171 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.83506

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Mike Chester
Regional Sales Manager, Eastern Canada
Provinces: MB, ON, QB, NF, NB, NS, PEI
(416) 510-5205 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43709

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Carolyn Inglis
Regional Account Manager, Western Canada
Provinces: BC, AB, SK, YU, NT, NU
(403) 305-1766 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43641

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Mitchell Richardson
Customer Success Manager
(416) 510-6759 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43626

Eleanor Goolab
Historical Products Manager
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43619

Monica Dhanju
Senior Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43562

Dilnessa Asres
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43577

Michael Bazyluk
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43585

Steven Celebre
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43611

Jacqueline De Santis
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43743

Vanessa Faita
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43590

Sarah Kalimuddin
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43589

Robert Laszkiewicz
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43585

Louis Lianos
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43652

Daniela Nigro
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43579

Michael Paznar
Report Analyst
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43565

Carol Le Noury
(416) 510-5197 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43706
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Mark Mattei
Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Canada and the US
(416) 510-6859 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43732
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Diana Saccone
Vice President, Systems & Data
(416) 510-6746 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43717
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Mike Nagy
Vice President, Historical Products
(512) 910-8341 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43707
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Jeff Doerner
Director, US Sales
(310) 486-0430 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43726
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Rafal Wojtasik
Director of Operations
(416) 510-5247 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43714
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Brayden Ford
National Sales Manager
(416) 510-5243 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43713
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Melanie Veltman
Research & Data Manager
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43561

Jian Liu
Lead GIS Developer
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43576

Gary Budjak
Lead Oracle Developer
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43625

Brian Roach
Oracle Project Leader
(416) 510-5204 or 1-866-517-5204 ext.43656

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