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Engineers, Consultants and Environmental Service Companies

Save time, energy and money gathering environmental data. What used to take weeks, even months, takes only days with ERIS. We deliver all the historical documentation you need for Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments within 2 to 7 business days. Need it sooner? Our ERIS DIRECT subscription service lets you gather your own environmental risk information in real time!

Real Estate Appraisers and Assessors

Be even more professional and proficient — with ERIS database reports. Establish “reasonable care” when conducting property appraisals and site assessments — quickly and easily. ERIS provides you with all the detailed environmental information you need in one concise, easy-to-read report. Many different environmental report options are available.

Financial Institutions and Lenders

Invest and/or insure on solid grounds! Environmental assessment should be a routine part of any property evaluation. Poor environmental conditions can adversely affect property values and owner liability. Let ERIS do all of the groundwork for you — before you make the financial commitment.

Legal Firms

Lighten your caseload! An ERIS Environmental Report can provide you with historic and current background information that pertains to environmental due diligence for property transfers and foreclosures. We do the legwork so that you have a leg up on what is or was on or around the site in question.

Developers and Architects

Call before you dig! Environmental hazards and risks have serious legal implications for builders. An ERIS Environmental Risk Report quickly points out areas of past and potential concern so you can be safe before you’re sorry.

Municipalities and City Administrations

Cut through the red tape! Investigate zoning concerns and building permit issues in your jurisdiction quickly and confidently with ERIS. Get straight answers to your environmental risk questions and end the bureaucratic nightmare of interdepartmental, multi-level government information requests.

ERIS provides information including historic and current property data for environmental assessments, environmental due diligence and property evaluations

What Our Environmental Risk Information Customers Say

In addition to producing a radius report that was easier for me to study as the consultant, ERIS has developed reports that are easy to read through with my clients as well. Over the years ERIS has continued to hold the top position on my list of database research providers by constantly innovating new value add-ons to their packages without additional cost. The ERIS Mobile app was a big plus for our company and my clients. The ability to have the historical aerials, topographic maps, and database information in the palm of my hand while I'm conducting the site reconnaissance made the field work more focused and discreet, saving time and money. Additionally, the ability to georeference site photos with field notes and compile them into a photolog report trimmed down on hours of reporting time previously spent combing through hundreds of site photos and generating those logs manually. That's not even considering the additional time needed to convert HEIC photos to JPG if your field technician has an iPhone. That conversion is done in the app, eliminating even more time spent on just an appendix of the Phase I ESA report. Being an ERIS user has allowed me to devote more time to painting a complete and detailed picture of environmental risk for my clients instead of organizing my information palette. Thank you, ERIS!

Kiel T. Sims Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc.
Our firm has been conducting Phase I ESAs for many years and our clients continue to demand a quality product at competitive pricing. We have been able to meet our client’s requirements by relying on the services of ERIS to supply us with reasonably priced comprehensive reports in a timely manner. We are able to order reports online 24/7 which makes it very easy for us to obtain important background documentation in compliance with regulatory requirements. ERIS has always been very accommodating when we request custom reports for non-conforming properties.

Lou Locatelli Trinity Consultants
ARCADIS has been acquiring search reports from ERIS for several of their Phase I ESA projects throughout Canada especially in Québec, Ontario and Alberta. ERIS reports are designed for each province as they respond to local standards for such project. ERIS provides flexibility as they offer a wide range of search information that can be purchase on an “À la carte basis”. Hence, it is possible to purchase a search report that will contain all mandatory search documentation for a particular province and complete it with supplemental documentation for more complex sites as necessary. ARCADIS appreciates the services provided by ERIS as they deliver on time and take the time to understand your needs in order to assist you and guide you to select the most suitable documentation for your project.

Martin Beaudoin ARCADIS Canada
For over 7 years now, ERIS has been an invaluable asset to our due diligence team. Their prompt and reliable service continues to help us meet the demands of today’s new economy.

Wendy Bezak Watters Environmental Group Inc.
Ramboll Environ has worked with ERIS staff for many years and relies on their fast turnaround on database searches for our due diligence assignments. ERIS staff are always professional and willing to assist us at a moment’s notice. We sincerely appreciate their excellent customer service!

Carol Aziz, PhD, PEng, QP Ramboll Environ
The information provided by ERIS has transformed the way we complete environmental assessments.

Toby Glanville Stantec Inc.
We continually work with environmental consultants for all our Phase I ESA projects and, without exception; they all rely on ERIS for accurate and timely information.

Stephan Moushian Public Works & Government Services Canada
ERIS’ database services are an invaluable source of information. They provide the easiest means of identifying critical records in a cost-effective manner. Efficient and effective is how we describe this business solution.

Clifford Eng AMEC Foster Wheeler
In our experience the ERIS Report is usually an essential component to a cost effective and complete Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. It provides a critical range of information that is necessary to conduct a proper historical review of the risks associated with a site in a way that is more cost effective than searching each data set independently. The order of an ERIS Report is a simple process that provides a quality product in a timely manner. Further, the ERIS Staff are very helpful and responsive when specialty products are required to meet unique site and project needs.

Tadd Berger, M.Sc., EP, P.Ag., CSAP Pinchin West Ltd.
ERIS is a great place to start when gathering facts on a site.

Debbie Elmhirst Davies, Ward, Phillips, & Vineberg
The environmental database was very comparable to EDR's database. It was very user friendly and I had no issues transitioning from EDR to the ERIS format while writing the database section of my report.