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Xplorer Now Puts the Power to Create Figures and Photo Logs at your Fingertips

What can you do with Figure Creator?

Within Xplorer, just click on the Figure Creator tool, and then you can prepare, crop, annotate, title, customize and save/generate the images you want. You can:

> Zero in on the important features of your site that your client will want to see. Highlight just what you want to show. Create the perfect Figure 1!

> Customize any figure by adding data layers, boundaries, drawings/symbols and annotations – whatever you need to make the right things stand out. Add titles and comments to your photos.

> Seamlessly integrate the photos captured on-site via ERIS Mobile (or upload your own), so they become a key part of your appendix document.

> You can use any image from the project as a figure, such as FIMs, Aerials and Topos.

Ready to put your appendix together? Xplorer has several built-in templates that you can brand with your company logo and then incorporate your customized figures and photo logs.

Want to Get Started?

Figure Creator is available now!

Simply open Xplorer and then click on Figure Creator
If you haven't used ERIS Xplorer yet, request a demo for Xplorer and Figure Creator!



Want to learn more about Figure Creator?


The Figure Creator tool within ERIS Xplorer enables you to:

Quickly turn raw images into made-to-order, branded Figures.
And turn the photos you captured/uploaded into organized, titled and annotated Photo Logs.

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