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Our new report authoring platform



The most intuitive, flexible design
meets full ERIS data integration

Scriva's intuitive design and powerful integration capabilities let you bring all your information together quickly and beautifully with less hassle, allowing more time for doing other things.

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NEW: Transform Your Fieldwork and Technical Report Writing with SCRIVA and ERIS Mobile Integration

Introducing the latest workflow solution by ERIS, designed to transform how you handle fieldwork and your technical report writing.

Here's how our new workflow will take your productivity to the next level:

1. Easy photo insertion:

The photos you take in the mobile app are automatically uploaded to the Scriva photo log section, and notes on the photos become captions, ready for review and inclusion in your report.

2. Streamlined document handling:

No more downloading and re-uploading PDFs because now your files flow into reports. Site checklists are sent to Scriva to review and drop in an appendix if desired. Figures created in Scriva Map Tools sync to a report appendix.

3. Work in a connected system:

Your photos, comments and checklists also push from the mobile app to Xplorer, Figure Creator and My Orders page.

Experience the ultimate efficiency in technical report writing with Scriva’s integration into ERIS’ start-to-finish workflow solutions. Achieve more in the field while minimizing administrative burdens in the office.

Made for Environmental & Due Diligence Uses...and Beyond

Scriva is designed for environmental reporting and due diligence, but also offers a wide range of applications and available document types for your everyday projects.

Full integration with ERIS data and tools

The Scriva report authoring platform works with other ERIS products giving you control of your data.

Puts you in the driver’s seat

Scriva’s intuitive design gives you the tools to get things done on your own. It’s easy to use, and easy to customize, without outside help or support.

Collaborate, edit, review from anywhere

Scriva is cloud-based so you can work with colleagues who can collaborate, edit, or review from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited users, templates

No more carefully limiting your number of users or report allowance. Scriva’s subscription pricing lets you do more without worry.

Report Writing has never been this EASY!

Here are more ways Scriva makes your work easier.

Full Integration

Easy integration and flexible user-controlled flow of ERIS data and historical products into any report type.

Project Management

A powerful dashboard where you can manage projects, templates, users, due dates, and metrics.

Do More, Worry Less

A Scriva subscription can give you unlimited reports and unlimited users for one monthly rate.


Create the types of documents you need, from environmental and engineering reports to letters and proposals for your everyday projects.

Collaboration and Productivity

Multiple-user, role-based access and editing simultaneously; web-based collaboration for efficient, real-time communications.

Unlimited Templates

Build and maintain as many templates as you need to generate reports and communications more efficiently and consistently.

Solutions That Fit Together

Combine your ERIS data, notes, checklists, photographs, and Figure Creator customized graphics and figures.

Always Up to Date

Always work on the latest version of Scriva; updates and upgrades are implemented without any interference to your productivity!

Never Alone, Always Supported

Use the Scriva Support Hub for onboarding, training, and ongoing self-help; or reach out to our helpful support team anytime!