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How Can ERIS Help You?
Carol Le Noury, President, presents a welcome message and introduces you to ERIS – our team and our products.

Take a brief tour of this exciting new interactive tool for overlaying data and historical images.

ERIS’ New Order Portal
Take a brief tour of this completely redesigned and simplified report ordering system.

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A shot of Sugar Beach in winter; an urban park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that opened in 2010. It is located across from the Redpath Sugar Refinery in the eastern harbor area. The ‘beach’ functions as a waterfront space for leisure and social activities and not an access point for water recreation. It features a raised sandy beach with ornamental lighting, pink umbrellas, Muskoka chairs, and a rocky amphitheater. Prior to construction, the entire site was a parking lot. It cost $14 million.
Cory Walton, Toronto