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Climate risk

Instantly know property risks
due to climate change

Climate Change: An Imminent Threat

The science of climate change is teaching us that properties across the United States — and the world — are experiencing an unprecedented increase in the frequency of climate events and related losses. According to Larry Fink of BlackRock,”Climate change is driving a profound reassessment of risk and asset values.” 

ERIS is proud to partner with ClimateCheck® to help the environmental due diligence industry assess the increasing risks to property due to the changing climate. ERIS now offers reports to enable every real estate stakeholder to instantly understand the climate risks for their properties.

Comprehensive Climate Risk Analysis

ERIS can provide in-depth property-specific reports outlining the physical risks over time to all the hazards. Includes full search within property boundaries and geographic comparisons.

Account for Escalating Operational Expenditures

Drought — Increasing water expense
Temperature — Increasing utility expenses
Precipitation — Increasing repair and maintenance
Flood — Increasing cost of insurance
Fire — Increasing cost of insurance

Factor in Decreasing Values
Future buyers will factor in growing climate risk. Protect yourself from ballooning climate change cap rates at refinancing and disposition milestones.

Anticipate Total Loss Scenarios
Understand risk to total loss events from fire and flood.

It’s easy to order a Climate Risk Assessment Report!

• Simply order your report by logging into your online account with ERIS
• The report can be ordered a la carte, or you can add it to one of our ERIS Packages ($135 per report)
• The report PDF will be delivered to you via hyperlink, or you can download it from your My Orders Page
• The report is also accessible in Xplorer and Scriva, and can be seamlessly included in the Appendix

Methodology and Data

ClimateCheck® aggregates and distills over 50 different climate simulations from peer-reviewed government and academic sources into an easy-to-understand risk assessment that measures how resilient a property is to climate change over the next 5 to 40 years.


• MC2 Global Vegetation Burn Risk Model
• US Forest Service Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity Data Product
• Wildfire Projections from California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment


• LOCA Statistically Downscaled Climate Projections

Precipitation (aka Storm)

• LOCA Statistically Downscaled Climate Projections


• Water Supply Stress Index Model

Coastal Flood

• NOAA Coastal Elevation Maps
• NOAA Sea Level Rise Model
• NOAA Tidal Gauge Predictions
• NOAA Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricanes

Inland Flood

• National Digital Elevation Maps
• LOCA Statistically Downscaled Climate Projections

Want to learn more about ERIS' Climate Risk Assessment?

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