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The information contained in an ERIS report has been produced by ERIS Information Inc. using various sources of information, including information provided by Federal and State government departments. Although ERIS has endeavored to present you with information that is accurate, ERIS disclaims, except as set out below, any and all liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in such information and data, whether attributable to inadvertence or otherwise, and for any consequences arising therefrom. Liability on the part of ERIS is limited to the monetary value paid for a report. The report applies only to the address specified on the cover of the report, and any alterations or deviation from this description will require a new report. The report and the data contained therein does not purport to be and does not constitute a guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained therein and does not constitute a legal opinion nor medical advice. A report is solely intended to be used to focus further investigation and is not intended to replace a full Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. No page of a report should be used without its cover page, this disclaimer and the project property identifier.