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The MOBILE Choice for Environmental Due Diligence

Introducing ERIS Mobile, the most powerful way to conduct environmental due diligence on-site.

And the most powerful way to retrieve and collect data on the go.

Download the app for your device:

The first-ever fully integrated MOBILE APP!

Your New Fieldwork Power Tool!

Site visits just got easier and better, with our new game-changing field app. Even while on-site, our new app gives you direct access to your ERIS projects, data, notes, and photos.

See more, do more, in the field.

Even in the field you can:

>  View data and images for your project on an interactive map – from your device

>  See your project details just like you would in the office

>  Upload new information like photos and notes

>  Complete on-site checklists

>  Easily access all the information you collected in the field to use in Xplorer and in your final report

Saves time at the office too.

Your field work will never be the same. Or your office work, because now you won’t have to upload photos and data when you get back. Everything can be done quickly on-site.

Get on board!

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How does it save you time?

Exceptional property risk assessment.

On the go.

Do more in the field. Save time in the office. Site visits just got easier and better.

If you like saving time, our app is a game changer. The ERIS Mobile app lets you view, search, collect, and upload project data, all while on-site.


The convenience of having full data on-site.
Access your orders, environmental records, and historical images while you’re on-site.


See map layers of your current location.
Compare satellite, terrain, hybrid views, and historical images just like you can in ERIS Xplorer.


No more writing notes and copying them over later.
Easily add field notes to your projects while on-site. You can even just dictate them using voice-to-text.


Immediately add photos from the field to your project files.
Capture, tag and add x and y coordinates to them.


Complete digital checklists in real time in the field.
Complete your site visit checklist, take and tag field notes live, instead of having to go over your notes later.


Upload files right away to ERIS Xplorer or your ‘MyOrders’ page.
Use photos collected on-site (and all images from your order) to prepare figures and photo logs using ERIS’ NEW Figure Creator.

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