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A powerful, interactive tool for overlaying data & map layers.

Xplorer is an innovative and interactive tool that optimizes work efficiency. It enables analysis, layering and presentation of data and information. Xplorer integrates Database Reports, Topographic Maps, Aerial Photos, Fire Insurance Maps, layers from the Physical Setting Report, and the Vapor Screening Tool (if ordered). Built-in features and tools provide address search, data filtering, measurement, customization, collaboration functionality, and ERIS’ Figure Creator tool, which can generate figures and photo logs. Also, ERIS Mobile seamlessly integrates your site visit findings to Xplorer for analysis and reporting. Xplorer accommodates custom large-area and linear reports for efficient review and analysis.

Included with all database orders and packages

Key Features

> Overlay data and multiple images over current street layers.

between Street, Satellite, or Terrain base layers.

data sources and view only the desired data sources on the map.

Look up specific addresses or keywords using the Search functionality.

Calculate Distance and Area using the Measure Tool.

Draw and/or add Comments directly to any layer, then print to PDF for easy sharing between colleagues and clients.

 Save Views
with your drawings, measurements, notations, and filters.

 ERIS Mobile
lets you easily conduct research on-site, then seamlessly integrates your findings to ERIS Xplorer for analysis.

Figure Creator a new tool within Xplorer, generates made-to-order branded figures and photo logs.

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The power of layering

View the full detail of environmental records for your project site and facilitate analysis using layers of historical imagery, topographic maps and physical setting information. Also included in Xplorer is ERIS' Vapor Screening Tool – to assess the risks associated with vapor encroachment.

Vapor Screening Tool

— Vapor encroachment can create significant liability for a property and have adverse effects on human health. That’s why ERIS has created a tool dedicated specifically to assessing the risks associated with this condition/risk. The ERIS Vapor Screening Tool helps identify a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC) as part of a Phase I Assessment (complying with ASTM E2600-15).

Figure Creator

— Quickly create made-to-order, branded Figures and Photo Logs for your environmental due diligence reports. Within Xplorer, just click on the Figure Creator tool, and then you can prepare, crop, annotate, title, customize and save/generate the images you want. Figure Creator has several built-in templates that you can brand with your company logo and then incorporate your customized figures and photo logs.

Physical Setting Report (PSR)

— Want a complete set of key environmental information in one tidy package? The Physical Setting Report or PSR saves you time by providing a large set of information about a site and the surrounding area. The report typically includes a complete overview of topography as well as geologic, hydrologic, and soil characteristics, as well as detailed attributes of water wells, oil and gas wells, radon measures, and other important environmental features.

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Take a brief tour of this exciting new interactive tool for overlaying data and historical images.

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