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ERIS is excited to introduce the Vapor Screening Tool

Vapor Screening Tool

Vapor encroachment can create significant liability for a property and have adverse effects on human health. That’s why ERIS has created a new tool dedicated specifically to assessing the risks associated with this condition/risk.

The new ERIS Vapor Screening Tool:

  • Helps identify a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC) as part of a Phase I Assessment (complying with ASTM E2600-15)
  • Applies approximate minimum search distances surrounding the target property to identify the default Area of Concern (AOC)
  • Assists in identifying potential Chemicals of Concern (COC) and Petroleum Hydrocarbon COCs in the AOC around the target property
  • Allows fine-tuning of the AOC based on the user’s expertise and knowledge of the site by adjusting groundwater flow direction and search distances for up-, cross-, and down-gradient quadrants
  • Helps determine whether or not a VEC exists by answering a list of preset questions about natural features, preferential pathways, soil characteristics, and physical barriers

The new tool …

  • Is efficiently integrated within ERIS Xplorer – analyze, interpret and create your report all in one place
  • Is easy to learn and use through a central menu of functionalities
  • Intuitively displays groundwater direction on the map but contains adjustment options
  • Displays all data and information in a centralized table for easy review and report creation
  • Provides powerful search capabilities of data sources
  • Can include multiple layers in the review and analysis (e.g. Topo, FIM, PSR)
  • Includes a ‘Vapor Checklist’ that poses questions to help determine whether a VEC exists; and allows commentary for inclusion in the Vapor Report
  • Provides ‘Preview’ or ‘Detail’ Vapor Report options
  • Organizes the Report in a very easy-to-read format including: an Executive Summary, and vapor encroachment details for each site selected for inclusion

The new Vapor Screening Tool can be added to any ERIS E1 to E6 package or is available as the ‘Vapor Screening Package’ (which includes a Database Report and the Vapor Screening Tool delivered within ERIS Xplorer).

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