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Introducing ERIS’ New Physical Setting Report – the PSR

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Introducing ERIS’ New Physical Setting Report – The ‘PSR’

As of June 1st, 2016, ERIS is introduces its new Physical Setting Report. The ERIS PSR provides comprehensive information about the physical setting surrounding a site and includes a complete overview of topography and surface topology, in addition to hydrologic, geologic and soil characteristics. The location and detailed attributes of oil and gas wells, water wells, public water systems and radon are also included for review.

What information does a PSR include?

  • Current topo map
  • DEM shaded relief map
  • Floodplain map with a coverage inset map (more detailed than on regular report)
    • Mapped categories: existence of floodplain and its zone type, with some explanation
    • Attributes provided: Floodplain panel DFIRM number for people who are interested in original paper maps
  • Wetland map (more detailed than that shown on regular report)
    • Mapped categories: Existence of wetland and its type, with legend
  • Geology map
    • Mapped categories: geologic unit, attributes reported below
    • Attributes provided: Rock lithology, stratigraphic unit related attributes
  • Soil map
    • Mapped categories: map units, attributes reported below.
    • Attributes provided: Map Unit name, Water table depth, Bedrock depth, Drainage class
  • Wells and additional source map
    • Summary and Details section (Federal USGS, Wells, Water Systems and OGW)
  • EPA radon zones
    • Radon level by county (or other levels) from Federal database

The PSR can be added to your Database Report for an additional $30 on the Order Form. It is included as part of the ERIS’ new E2 to E6 packages.

Please contact your Regional Account Manager to find out more about the PSR, or contact us by emailing [email protected], or calling 1 866 517 5204 to speak with Sales.

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