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Dirty Business: Ontario’s Province-Wide Cleanup Of Excess Soil

Dirty Business-ERIS Originals


by Mark Sabourin
Freelance Writer.
Campbellford, Ontario
[email protected]
November, 2021


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Our latest installment of ERIS Originals looks at Excess Soil…

Dirt in Ontario is a massive problem. Excavations produce what the government estimates is close to 25 million cubic metres of excess soil per year, which is expected to exceed landfill capacity by 2032. Though landfills have been the go-to-solution for most developers, the Government of Ontario is imposing a new regulation that will require more accountability for excess soils, such as registration of generating and receiving sites, strict soil characterization by a qualified person (QP) and tracking of soil movement from source to destination.

In our latest article, Dirty Business: Ontario’s Province-wide Cleanup of Excess Soil, we learn how tougher regulations could open up a new market that views excess soil as a commodity, and what compliance to the new requirements could mean for your business.