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Episode 11 – Real ESG Value: Megatrends Transforming CRE

May ann and Dan


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and mega-economic trends are transforming the commercial real estate market and impacting brownfields redevelopment. Join Mary Ann Grena Manley, Founder and President, 15E Communications, and guest Dan French, Founder & Principal of dbForesites and President of Brightfield Productions, for a lively discussion about how global factors and ESG are influencing public and private investment in infrastructure, real estate, and beyond. Critical discussion items include the importance of identifying all risks in CRE portfolios that have financial consequences and preparing for the wealth of new opportunities emerging as the transition to the green economy takes shape and worldwide markets shift.

About the Speaker:

Dan French, Founder & Principal, dbForesites
Dan is Founder and Principal of dbForesites, a global advisory boutique translating planetary megatrends in economics, energy, and environment into actionable intelligence for funds, family offices, corporations, and governments. Dan and his team help facilitate both ideation and implementation from the strategic level to the tactical, including decision-taking re individual investments, site selection, real estate development, portfolio de-risking and divestment.

About the Moderator:

Mary Ann Grena Manley, Founder and President, 15E Communications LLC
Mary Ann is the Founder and President of 15E Communications LLC, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that assists clients with communications strategy, content, business development, and public relations. Prior to founding 15E in 2020, Mary Ann managed Bloomberg Industry Group’s coverage and analysis of global Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability issues for more than 20 years. With experiences cutting across environmental law, policy analysis, journalism, and marketing, she most recently served as Deputy Editorial Director for Bloomberg Environment. Her areas of policy expertise include environmental compliance, environmental due diligence, risk management, brownfields redevelopment, sustainability, and ESG.