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Episode 15 – Lender Series: Why Every Lender – Big and Small, Needs an Environmental Risk Policy


ERIS’ Dave Colonna, Director of Lender Services, speaks with industry veteran Georgina Dannatt. Georgina shares her wealth of knowledge and experience as an environmental risk professional with lending institutions since 1994.

Dave and Georgina address the basics about why all lenders need an environmental risk policy, but also, how to craft such a policy considering a multiplicity of factors including the organization’s risk tolerance, setting up their decision matrix, and establishing a panel of environmental consultants. Once the policy and structure are in place, how is the policy most effectively managed within the bank, including its control, internal and external communications, waivers, and regulatory compliance? Do large organizations manage risk differently compared to smaller institutions? How can organizations like the EBA (Environmental Bankers Association), RMA (Risk Management Association) and ASTM International leverage learning and best practices among environmental risk managers? From institutional considerations for policy to observations about wider industry trends, the discussion has great depth and provides thoughtful insights from an industry veteran.

About the Speaker:

Georgina Dannatt, CHMM, REPA, Environmental Risk Manager
Georgina specializes in environmental due diligence, including evaluation/ interpretation of assessments, investigations, and remedial actions. She has extensive experience at lending institutions since 1994, and from previous environmental consulting and industry positions. Additional experience performing ES&H compliance and sampling/analysis programs at industrial facilities. Familiarity with ESG and Sustainability principles. Current Co-Chair ASTM E1528 Transaction Screen Committee and long-time leadership involvement in Environmental Bankers Association.

About the Moderator:

Dave Colonna, Director, Lender Services, ERIS
Dave joined ERIS in the summer of 2021 and serves as Director, Lender Services. He has supported the needs of both environmental professionals and lenders for the past 20 years. In his spare time, Dave enjoys playing golf and traveling with his family.