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Episode 6 -Drones – The New Tool in Environmental Risk Research


Guest Kevin Drover of Stantec Consulting Ltd speaks with host Brayden Ford about the development of drones for environmental property due diligence. Kevin oversees an international group whose specific role is to apply unmanned aerial vehicle technology for the expansion of site research and monitoring.

About the Moderator:

Brayden Ford. Brayden’s inspired journey with ERIS began in 2012. Since then, he’s succeeded in a variety of sales roles in both Canada and the United States. His diverse skill set has helped the company foster and grow the business across North America. In his current role, Brayden is responsible for leading the Canadian sales team, managing existing clients and developing new business.

About the Speaker:

Kevin Drover. Kevin has always enjoyed taking things apart and then building them up again. When he was in university, he discovered geomatics engineering and thought it looked like something fun and different – he turned it into a career and passion that’s lasted more than 15 years. He is part of the Practice Technologies team at Stantec as a Geospatial Technologies Leader helping to advance spatial solutions within the business lines. Kevin builds custom unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as a hobby, and as Stantec’s UAS Operations Manager, his role is to grow the use and integration of UAS into design workflows. He has been leading the UAS effort since 2013 and now has a team of 27 pilots in 4 countries.

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