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Episode 7- Spotlight on New Jersey’s Environmental Justice Law – What it Means for Our Industry


Environmental justice (EJ) has become a force of change in our industry with major implications for developers and investors. While every state has some kind of EJ policy, New Jersey’s new landmark legislation is the first of its kind with real teeth and its implementation will be closely watched by various stakeholders. Guest host Mary Ann Grena Manley welcomes guest New Jersey environmental attorney Matt Karmel with Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP, to explain the nuts and bolts of the new law, what industries it will impact, and its broader implications for businesses and projects nationwide.


About the Moderator:

Mary Ann Grena Manley is the Founder and President of 15E Communications LLC, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that assists clients with communications strategy, content, business development, and public relations. Prior to founding 15E in 2020, Mary Ann managed Bloomberg Industry Group’s coverage and analysis of global Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability issues for more than 20 years. With experiences cutting across environmental law, policy analysis, journalism, and marketing, she most recently served as Deputy Editorial Director for Bloomberg Environment. Her areas of policy expertise include environmental compliance, environmental due diligence, risk management, brownfields redevelopment, sustainability, and ESG.

About the Speaker:

Matthew Karmel is passionate about sustainability, and has been recognized by Best Lawyers for America® on its “Ones to Watch” list in Environmental Law. He is well-versed in the intersecting areas of law that apply to environmental justice, and has experience advising investors and businesses on environmental justice considerations. Additionally, Matt has experience with traditional environmental counseling, as well as renewable energy projects, waste management and recycling facilities, and more. He also writes and speaks regularly on these topics, including through Waste360, Rutgers University, and Fordham University School of Law, and provides award-winning pro bono support to important environmental causes.

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