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Webinar – Everything you ever wanted to know about RSC

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A Record of Site Condition is warmly referred to as an ‘RSC’, and by environmental due diligence nerds as the RSC O.Reg. 153/04.

This free 1-hour long webinar will provide a hearty overview of the regulation and best practice tips for RSC submissions. Our expert panel will aim to impart a sound introduction of the topic to those with a rudimentary or intermediate knowledge of RSCs.

The webinar will:

  • Overview what an RSC is, and the regulation O. Reg. 153/04;
  • Discuss recent changes to the RSC regulation;
  • Outline the scope of applications, the main pitfalls and challenges for EPs with RSC submissions;
  • Provide tips and best practices for RSC submissions;
  • Allow an opportunity to have your specific questions answered.



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About the Speakers:

Randy Sinukoff, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., EP
Randy is a Senior Environmental Professional for Stantec Consulting Ltd. Randy has completed more than 25 Records of Site Condition for a wide variety of properties in Ontario, and has been involved in authoring several Canadian and International standards for site assessment, due diligence and environmental auditing.


Victoria Sowden
Victoria is a Senior Environmental Consultant specializing in conducting record of site conditions for a multitude of developments across Ontario, having managed more than 30 RSC filings by A&A in 2020 alone. In addition, Victoria has vast experience completing due diligence Phase I and II ESAs, and landfill monitoring.


Rick Fioravanti, P.Geo.
Rick is an Environmental Geoscientist specializing in Environmental Site Assessments, Brownfields Remediation Projects and Excess Soil Management. Rick is the Manager of Environmental Services with DS Consultants Ltd., responsible for the supervision and management of Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments, assessment of soil/fill management for import/export of soils, soil vapour and indoor air quality assessments, and remediation.