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Now Available… ERIS Xplorer

ERIS is excited to announce

ERIS Xplorer
Introducing a Powerful, Interactive Tool for Overlaying Data and Map Layers

Xplorer is a new add-on to ERIS products, including Database Reports, Topographic Maps, Aerials, the ON RSC Report and our new Physical Setting Report (if ordered). Xplorer allows you to quickly visualize and analyze environmental risk information related to a particular location, with built-in tools for analysis and customization.

Aerials can now be viewed in Xplorer!

Features of ERIS Xplorer

  • Overlay data and multiple images over current street layers.
  • Switch between Street, Satellite, or Terrain base layers to more effectively analyze the project property and related data.
  • Accommodate Custom/Linear Reports for efficient review and analysis.
  • View the transition of Aerial images through the decades using the Transition Tool.
  • Filter data sources and view only the desired data sources on the map.
  • Look up specific addresses or keywords using the Search functionality.
  • Calculate distance and area using the Measure Tool.
  • Draw and/or add comments directly to any layer, then print to PDF for easy sharing between colleagues and clients.
  • Save views with your drawings, measurements, notations, and filters.

To learn how ERIS Xplorer will change the way you view, interact and analyze environmental risk information, call your Regional Account Manager today, or contact ERIS directly at 1-866-517-5204 or [email protected] to arrange a demo.

Download PDF