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ERIS has been providing critical risk and historical information on properties in Canada since 1999. No one offers products and services that are more cutting edge than us — from data search and compliance reports to layered, geo-referenced historical products. ERIS is the most comprehensive environmental data repository in Canada.

Your Phase I ESA Partner

ERIS creates intuitive, responsive products and services designed around your needs. We invite you to review our complete end-to-end solution for environmental due diligence.

Check out our new very short video designed to get you excited about all the ‘cool tools’ available at ERIS. 

Our Tools

— Xplorer’s visual map interface lets you see your plot and all associated visual, landscape, and numerical environmental data – both today and in the past. ERIS XPLORER is an add-on tool when ordering environmental data from ERIS. It lets you see your location in a map interface and even overlaying topographic, photographic, and other map layers. Quickly find your plot location based on address or company name. You can then see all of the records associated with that area, or even watch it change over time.
— The new ERIS Mobile app allows you to perform efficient and effective site visits in order to complete your environmental due diligence on properties. The app interactively displays a base map layer, ERIS-provided regulatory records and historical products related to a project, as well as captures photos, field notes, and enables the completion of a standard or customized site visit checklist. The map layers (if ordered) include Historical Aerials, Topographic Map, and Fire Insurance Maps.
— Quickly create made-to-order, branded Figures and Photo Logs for your environmental due diligence reports. Within Xplorer, just click on the Figure Creator tool, and then you can prepare, crop, annotate, title, customize and save/generate the images you want. Figure Creator has several built-in templates that you can brand with your company logo and then incorporate your customized figures and photo logs.

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