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City Directory will be delivered in Excel format!

December 22, 2022 —  City Directory Update for ERIS Customers

ERIS is pleased to announce that as of January 27, 2023, all City Directory reports will be delivered as Excel files. This will replace the current Word file format. The Word format will no longer be available.

The new report will offer a summary page as the first tab, providing a quick overview of the subject site in one continuous stream, including any adjacent property addresses (if ordered) – with property address, its recorded listing by year, source, city, county, province/state. This is followed by subsequent tabs for each address and corresponding information.

Excel provides the user with additional flexibility, customization potential, and functionality over Word. An output in Excel has the following benefits:

• Easily sort and filter data
• Search by key word/text
• Excel tables can be imported into Word documents for report creation
• Listings will automatically be pushed to SCRIVA where tables can easily be generated and inserted into your report.

As always, our team is here to help. Please contact your Regional Account Manager and/or our knowledgeable Client Service team for more information or assistance.

Sample report images (for an Excel version of the sample, please contact us)