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ERIS has developed 2 new tools to create efficiency

With so many people working from home, dogs are one of the true beneficiaries of the many COVID-19 restrictions. While dogs are great for company, they’re not much help with the problems you’re facing just getting things done. Problems like having limited access to site locations. Or having to do more with less support.

At ERIS, we’ve developed 2 new tools to leap you forward in efficiency, even during these times.

Tool #1
Make Field Work More Productive

Field work can be more challenging now with more restrictions, and less support.

Our new mobile app is like bringing an ERIS support team in the field with you. The app lets you access full project data on-site. You can see ERIS map layers, add notes, capture photos, and even complete checklists – and upload this information to Xplorer, ERIS’ visualization and analysis tool. This not only makes your field work faster and more efficient, it saves time on things you won’t need to do in the office later.


Tool #2
Faster, More Professional Reports

Our newest innovation, the Figure Creator Tool lets you quickly make custom-branded photo logs and figures, fully ready to insert into environmental reports, right from ERIS Xplorer. You can easily add notes, boundaries, symbols, and even your company logo, for clear images that say what you need them to say without having to use other software or resources.

Your new best friend?
We know that this is a challenging time, and it looks like we’re going to be here for awhile. We can help you through. To your success!

If you have other ideas for how we can help you do more, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

For more information about any of ERIS’ innovative products contact us at [email protected], or live chat using the link below.