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ERIS Introduces New ‘Alberta Standard Report Plus’

Alberta’s Environmental Site Assessment Standard (2016) Revised and Released March 1

Alberta Environment and Parks recently released a revised Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Standard for the Province. The new Standard (2016) is intended to provide minimum requirements in the planning, implementation and reporting for Phase 1 ESAs, Phase 2 ESAs and confirmatory investigations.

Most notable when ordering an ERIS Database Report is the new Standard requirement that the minimum search distance be 300 metres from the site boundary, replacing the previous 250-metre search minimum. NOTE: The phrase “from site boundary” was not stated previously, therefore ERIS Standard Reports, until now, have used measurements from the site centre for: – Physical Settings: Aerials, Soil Hydro, Geo and Geotechnical Reports/Maps, and Well Records – Source Info: NPRI Database, Landfills, Regulatory Records (EPOs etc.), Waste Management, Tanks, Certs, Approvals, etc. (all of the Alberta Databases we provide)

ERIS’ Accommodation of the New Standard:

ERIS will now offer the Alberta Standard Report PLUS. This new report is designed to meet the revised Alberta Environmental Site Assessment regulations. The report searches all Alberta databases (federal, provincial and private) within a 300-metre buffer from the property boundaries of the subject site. Be sure to order the “Alberta Standard Report PLUS” if looking for compliance to the standard. For properties over 7 acres or corridors over 500 metres in length, select the “Custom Quote” option on the ERIS Order Form.