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ERIS and OPTA Form Partnership to Create Best Fire Insurance Map Collection in Canada



Ecolog Environmental Risk Information Services Ltd. (ERIS) and OPTA Intelligence Inc. (OPTA) have formed a partnership to work cooperatively to create the best fire insurance map collection nationwide. Previously, each organization had its own collection; however, combining the two large volumes will greatly enhance customers’ abilities to view a more robust assembly of maps.

“ERIS and OPTA are joining forces to offer our customers a more comprehensive product offering,” stated Carol Le Noury, President of ERIS. “ERIS customers will have the option of purchasing from a larger collection of fire insurance maps, as well as the nation’s leading collection of Inspection Reports, through this new service agreement.”

“OPTA is pleased to have all the maps back in one place,” stated Colin Smith, Vice President of Operations, at OPTA. “Offering customers an improved portfolio, readily available from either company, improves distribution and accessibility of all products.” In addtion, OPTA offers many environmental products to suit its customers in the environmental and insurance industries.

Fire insurance maps are digitized, geo-referenced, and can easily be attached to an Environmental Site Assessment Report.

Beginning 2 August, 2016, Fire Insurance Maps ordered directly from ERIS will be processed at OPTA and delivered directly to the ERIS portal, where they will be available for downloading. ERIS will continue to offer one-stop shopping for environmental consultants, providing the essential components for environmental Phase I Site Assessments and other due diligence projects. Since 1999, ERIS has been a leading provider of environmental risk information in Canada, and now the United States.

To reach a representative directly, please contact:

Brayden Ford, National Sales Manager, ERIS
T: 416-510-5243 E: [email protected]

Matt Thompson, Director, Environmental Services, OPTA
T: 905-695-6676 E: [email protected]