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Good Technology Never Rests

ERIS is all about making your work life easier when conducting property due diligence. And that requires constant development and refinement of our technology.

No one offers more cutting-edge, up-to-date solutions than the ERIS Power Suite – from our mobile app through to report writing and project management, accurate data search, to layered and geo-referenced historical products.

If you want to stay ahead of your workload, then go with the leader in environmental risk and property assessment technology.

Scriva NEW!

Report Authoring Platform

Scriva's intuitive design and powerful integration capabilities let you bring all your information together quickly and beautifully with less hassle, allowing more time for doing other things.


Analysis Platform

Xplorer enables analysis, layering and presentation of data and information. It integrates Database Reports, Topographic Maps, Aerial Photos, Fire Insurance Maps, layers from the Physical Setting Report, and the Vapor Screening Tool (if ordered).

Figure Creator


Within Xplorer, just dick on the Figure Creator tool, and then you can customize and save/generate the images you want. Xplorer now puts the power to create Figures and Photo Logs at your fingertips.


Field App

The first-ever fully integrated MOBILE APP! ERIS Mobile is the most powerful way to conduct environmental due diligence on-site as well as retrieve and collect data on the go.

Climate Risk Assessment NEW!

Powered by ClimateCheck

ERIS can provide in-depth property-specific reports outlining the physical climate risks over time and with geographic comparison: drought, extreme heat, precipitation, fire, and flood.

ERIS Direct

Online Subscription Service

An online subscription service that provides real-time environmental risk information for properties throughout the US and Canada. Searches can be performed on individual addresses and/or company names, and results are returned immediately.

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