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Ontario Excess Soils Regulation Passed

This morning (December 4, 2019) at the Ontario Excess Soil Symposium, held annually by the Canadian Urban Institute, Ontario Environment Minister Jeff Yurek announced passage of the long-anticipated excess soil regulatory proposal and amendments to Record of Site Condition (Brownfields) Regulation. 

This was exciting news for the province’s development industry and related environmental services industry. The regulatory package will allow for the speedier and more cost-efficient redevelopment of lightly-contaminated old commercial properties (brownfields), and allow for site-specific risk assessments and standards. The regulatory package provides clear rules for the beneficial reuse of excess soil and greater flexibility, setting out minimum requirements for generators of excess soil in the appropriate use of the soils and tracking requirements. Importantly, the rules remove unnecessary impediments to brownfield redevelopment.


Reported by Guy Crittenden