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ERIS Newsletter – August 2019


Your ERIS Team has made changes and there are new podcasts, videos, blogs & Easy Tips to hear about! There are product enhancements coming! Read all about it here… 


We have some news to share regarding the ERIS Team that supports you. Earlier this summer, we bid a fond farewell to Mike Chester who served our Eastern Canadian clients so very well over the past 5 years. Mike accepted a wonderful opportunity at a leading environmental consulting company in Canada. We wish him well as he imparts his experience and skills on new endeavours, and his warm personality with a lucky new family of professionals.

Although big shoes to fill, we’re happy to announce a team that will do their best to try! Brayden Ford, who worked in Canada as an account manager for 1 year before splitting his time between responsibilities in Canada and growing a territory in the U.S. for 5 years, is back in Canada full-time to lead our Canadian team.


Brayden Ford, Director of Sales

National team lead and sales in Eastern Canada (MB, ON, QC, Atlantic)

Carolyn Inglis, Regional Account Manager, Western Canada
For sales in SK, AB, BC, YT, NT, NU

Eleanor Goolab, Inside Sales Development Manager

For help with setting up a new account, placing an order, product support or general questions

Robert Laszkiewicz, Lead Report Analyst
For reports or technical product issues

We’re responding to many clients who have asked for our products to be bundled and presented as easy to order, value-added packages. Here’s just a sample of what’s coming Fall 2019!

A NEW ‘Ontario Xplorer Aerial’ package 
This package will include: a Standard Database Report, georeferenced Historical Aerials (Decades Package*), a Topographic Map, and Xplorer. Review your environmental data and layer your historical aerials on one central platform – in ERIS Xplorer. Xplorer saves you time and money by creating a more streamlined and efficient review and analysis process.
* You select the decades you want to include and we’ll select the best aerial for your site from that decade with regards to coverage, scale and quality.

A NEW ‘BC Premium Xplorer’ package 
This package will include: a BC Premium Report (ERIS 250m; BC Site Registry at 500m), a Topographic Map and Xplorer – delivered in minutes* not days. Xplorer saves you time and money by creating a more streamlined and efficient review and analysis process.
* Not verified by an ERIS Report Analyst

And the ‘Preview Report’…
Sometimes you need it fast – extra fast, like on your way to a site visit… NOW with every order of a Standard Database Report, you’ll receive a ‘Preview Report’ as soon as you place your Database Report order – it’s an abbreviated report without all the detail that hasn’t been verified by our in-house report analysts. You’ll receive the fully-verified report within the assigned turnaround time.

Stay tuned for more details on these and other new report options coming Fall 2019! 

AVAILABLE NOW! – Alberta Site Selection Enhancement
Alberta ‘ATS’ coordinates have been added to the Order Form and ERIS Xplorer. ATS covers Alberta only – the Saskatchewan Township Grid will be coming soon.

On the Order Form, click the ‘Search Plus’ icon  and then fill in the ‘ATS Search’ fields:

OR enter an Alberta address to identify the ATS grids:

For full details and step by step instructions, CLICK HERE.

We’ve created a series of ‘Easy Tips’ to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Database Reports, the Order Form and our visual analysis tool, ERIS Xplorer.

Be sure to check them out here:


And while we’re talking tips, here’s an extra helpful one…

The most efficient and quickest way to get a QUOTE FOR A CUSTOM REPORT is to use the ERIS Order Form, and not to send it by email. I know, seems counter-intuitive right? Please, feel free to speak with us about your project and quote if you have questions, but the quote request is better sent through the order system, then through the email system!

Did you know that ERIS produces a podcast specifically for the environmental due diligence space? It’s true – called RISK-E BUSINESS. And there are already several waiting for you to hear, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. They’re easy listening in the car… anywhere. Launch them from, Apple or Spotify Podcasts.
Click the image below to listen.


ERIS publishes an informative environmental due diligence blog called ERIS ORIGINALS.

Here you’ll find curated articles that are relevant, interesting and quick to read.
Check out our most recent…

ERIS’ InfoHUB houses up-to-date curated Industry News, ERIS Updates, the ERIS Originals Blog, and a host of other learning resources including, Podcasts, Videos, and Easy Tips.


September 25-26 – Vancouver, BC

REMTECH 2019(ESAA) – October 16-18 – Banff, AB


THE 2019 BROWNIE AWARDS– November 26 – Toronto, ON

For more information about ERIS or our products and services, please connect with one of our Canadian team members. Or contact us at 416-510-5204, toll free 1-866-517-5204.