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Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS) has been providing critical risk and historical information on properties in Canada since 1999. Historic and proprietary environmental property and risk data are included in our standard database reports. ERIS is the most comprehensive environmental data repository in Canada. In late 2013, ERIS launched in the US, as the first and only company to provide environmental risk information for both countries. Since 2017, ERIS offers information for Mexico – full North American coverage.

ERIS reports meet criteria set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ERIS delivers accurate, affordable, comprehensive on-demand database research and risk assessment services quickly. Our expertise, innovation, and service-first attitude have made us a leader in environmental information services.

The Most Up-To-Date Technology
No one offers products and services that are more cutting edge than ERIS — from data search and compliance reports to layered, geo-referenced historical products, ERIS takes pride in developing intuitive, responsive products and services that customers need.

The Environmental Risk Information Company That’s Easy to Work With
Outstanding service is our number one priority. Our friendly attitude, product knowledge, and complete understanding of the environmental risk assessment industry ensure you get the answers you want, when you want them — and with ease. Whether you are gathering Phase 1 Information for Environmental Site Assessments or conducting due diligence by looking for historical background information about a property, ERIS can provide it.

The Most Accurate Environmental Information
We know that your environmental risk information must be accurate and precisely targeted. With ERIS, all addresses within a radius Database Report are scrubbed to reduce the number of “unplottable” records using multiple address standardization software and geo-referencing before the property data is loaded into our system. For assistance, in pinpointing your target property, ERIS’ qualified team of Report Analysts can verify exact locales.

All the Information You Need — Current and Past
In addition to providing Database Reports that include maps showing the subject property and surrounding areas in a defined radius or to your exact specification, ERIS offers historical products, including fire insurance maps, inspection reports, aerial photos, topographic maps, city directory searches, chains of title, and lien searches.

Fast Turnaround
Receive the information you need, when you need it. ERIS saves you hours of research time with a turnkey solution for accessing environmental records. Reports delivered in hours, Historicals within a few days.

Fairly Priced and Cost-Effective
ERIS operates as a central hub for both Canada and the US, with products and services that are competitively priced and easy to access. Comprehensive and easy to order, our reports offer you great value and time savings.

What Our Environmental Risk Information Customers Say

“Thanks to Scriva, a simple Phase I ESA that used to take a day or two can now be done in half the time. The ability to make it my own report and the productivity boost have made a significant impact on our workflow. The upfront work, including adding libraries, repeat fields, and ensuring language and format consistency, not only saves hours but also guarantees that every report maintains the same professional appearance and content.  We are now able to accomplish more in significantly less time while guaranteeing the uniformity and high quality of each report we deliver.”

Charlene A Webber, P.G. Founder/Executive Vice President
Our firm has been conducting Phase I ESAs for many years and our clients continue to demand a quality product at competitive pricing. We have been able to meet our client’s requirements by relying on the services of ERIS to supply us with reasonably priced comprehensive reports in a timely manner. We are able to order reports online 24/7 which makes it very easy for us to obtain important background documentation in compliance with regulatory requirements. ERIS has always been very accommodating when we request custom reports for non-conforming properties.

Lou Locatelli Trinity Consultants
ARCADIS has been acquiring search reports from ERIS for several of their Phase I ESA projects throughout Canada especially in Québec, Ontario and Alberta. ERIS reports are designed for each province as they respond to local standards for such project. ERIS provides flexibility as they offer a wide range of search information that can be purchase on an “À la carte basis”. Hence, it is possible to purchase a search report that will contain all mandatory search documentation for a particular province and complete it with supplemental documentation for more complex sites as necessary. ARCADIS appreciates the services provided by ERIS as they deliver on time and take the time to understand your needs in order to assist you and guide you to select the most suitable documentation for your project.

Martin Beaudoin ARCADIS Canada
For over 7 years now, ERIS has been an invaluable asset to our due diligence team. Their prompt and reliable service continues to help us meet the demands of today’s new economy.

Wendy Bezak Watters Environmental Group Inc.
Ramboll Environ has worked with ERIS staff for many years and relies on their fast turnaround on database searches for our due diligence assignments. ERIS staff are always professional and willing to assist us at a moment’s notice. We sincerely appreciate their excellent customer service!

Carol Aziz, PhD, PEng, QP Ramboll Environ
The information provided by ERIS has transformed the way we complete environmental assessments.

Toby Glanville Stantec Inc.
We continually work with environmental consultants for all our Phase I ESA projects and, without exception; they all rely on ERIS for accurate and timely information.

Stephan Moushian Public Works & Government Services Canada
ERIS’ database services are an invaluable source of information. They provide the easiest means of identifying critical records in a cost-effective manner. Efficient and effective is how we describe this business solution.

Clifford Eng AMEC Foster Wheeler
In our experience the ERIS Report is usually an essential component to a cost effective and complete Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. It provides a critical range of information that is necessary to conduct a proper historical review of the risks associated with a site in a way that is more cost effective than searching each data set independently. The order of an ERIS Report is a simple process that provides a quality product in a timely manner. Further, the ERIS Staff are very helpful and responsive when specialty products are required to meet unique site and project needs.

Tadd Berger, M.Sc., EP, P.Ag., CSAP Pinchin West Ltd.
With Pinchin conducting thousands of Phase I ESAs per year, we rely on the information provided in ERIS reports on a daily basis. The team at ERIS provides us with critical data and great customer service, allowing us to satisfy our clients due diligence needs with quick, reliable, high quality reports.

Vico Paloschi, M.Sc., P.Geo. Pinchin Ltd.
We have had the opportunity to use ERIS’s services on current and historic files and have found them to be efficient and cost effective in producing data needed by us to complete Phase I Environmental Site Assessment projects. In many cases, this has shortened the delivery timeline of our reports to our clients as ERIS was able to deliver their products to us in a timely manner. I am pleased with the service ERIS provides us and will continue to use them.

Tony Missiuna P. Eng. QPesa Hemmera Envirochem Inc.
AECOM has utilized ERIS’ one-stop shop of resources for more than a decade. We have come to rely on their responsiveness and quality of resources.

Beth Myers-Graham AECOM
ERIS is a great place to start when gathering facts on a site.

Debbie Elmhirst Davies, Ward, Phillips, & Vineberg