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From $225 USD (based on the complexity of the property)

The German Package includes a Flood Risk, Heavy Rain and Contamination Report.

Contamination Report

Contaminations are environmentally hazardous substances on or under properties which can cause hazards for individuals or for the general public, e.g. former chemical or waste landfills (old deposits) or shut-down operations (old sites). This also includes military contaminations. Classification as a contamination presupposes that soil and/or groundwater investigations have clearly demonstrated contamination by pollutants. Areas suspected of being contaminated must be specially marked in the land-use plans or development plan.

Flood Risk and Heavy Rain Report

Flood Risk:

The flood Information System provides flood data for all of Germany. The data is continuously compared with public water management data. The report provides an objective basis for internal risk assessment and allows an assessment of the flood risk.

The report describes the threat to a property from flooding on the basis of hazard classes (HC 1-4) and provides a description of each class. The flood hazard classes assess the hazard of a property (very low to high hazard) on the basis of the statistical probability of a flood occurring in a certain period of time. The visualization of flood-prone areas of the site environment is a great advantage when evaluating a property.

Heavy Rain:

Heavy rainfall can lead to severe flooding. Scientists at the EOC (Earth Observation Center) have developed a risk assessment system. The risk of heavy rainfall for any location in Germany can be determined.

The report describes the potential hazard of an object during a heavy rain event using hazard classes (HC 1-6). The hazard potential of a property (very low to very high hazard) is determined on the basis of a digital terrain model of Germany. The resilience of the statements was proven independently by meteorological basic data by a long-term accuracy comparison with real loss events of the insurance industry. The visualization of the individual hazard zones in the vicinity of the location is a great advantage when evaluating a property.

These reports are also available for order individually, as:
Flood Risk and Heavy Rain Report – $25 USD
Contamination Report – $200+ USD (based on the complexity of the property)

These reports can be ordered online – select the reports desired under the ‘PACKAGES’ tab.

For more information about this product, please contact Mark Mattei at , 416-510-6859 or toll free 1-866-517-5204 ext. 43732.