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Announcing Pinpoint: A new feature available within Xplorer!

ERIS is excited to introduce ‘Pinpoint’ – a new feature within ERIS Xplorer that allows users to modify records within a database report quickly and efficiently.

Pinpoint enables the user to:

  • Move the location of records,
  • Plot ‘unplottables’,
  • Exclude records from the report, and
  • Generate (revised) Database Reports (new reports will be emailed with a downloadable link for review).


This feature is only available on a company-approved basis. Clients who would like to use this feature must have their senior management’s approval to ‘opt-in’ – to have it activated for all subsequent reports delivered through their Xplorer platform.

ERIS continuously moves to improve client workflow with the ERIS Mobile field app, ERIS Xplorer digital analysis app, including tools such as Vapor Screening and Figure Creator. And now, there’s Pinpoint.

And we’re not done yet. There will be more exciting news to announce during the first quarter of 2022.

To see how Pinpoint works, connect with your Regional Account Manager or ‘request a test drive’.