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HISTORIC INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING YIELDS Extensive Opportunities for Remediation and Redevelopment

by Mary Ann Grena Manley
Founder & President, 15E Communications LLC,
Washington, DC
July 2022

Billions of dollars are earmarked for environmental cleanup and related redevelopment projects.

Across the U.S., hundreds of thousands of former industrial and commercial sites, called brownfields, sit idle. If cleaned up and redeveloped, these properties present vast opportunities for economic growth and community improvement.

Brownfield sites come in many forms. They can be former gas stations, empty warehouses, abandoned railroads, or any former industrial property. Thanks to a truly historic investment in environmental cleanup, billions of federal dollars are now available for redeveloping these underutilized and unused areas while addressing legacy pollution and revitalizing underserved communities. So not only does the infrastructure law aim to mitigate climate change, but it also seeks to stimulate the economy in historically overburdened neighborhoods and advance the Biden administration’s environmental justice (EJ) goal.

ERIS ORIGINALS latest article provides a comprehensive primer about the infrastructure law.


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