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Episode 17 – Unpacking Climate Risk Assessment: Data, Drivers, and Opportunities for Consultants


This episode features an in-depth discussion on climate risk assessment with Cal Inman, Founder and CEO of ClimateCheck, and Nicole Engels, Chief Growth Officer at ClimateCheck. Hosted by Mary Ann Grena Manley, Founder and President of 15E Communications, the conversation covers the data underpinning climate risk assessment, market drivers, and the implications for environmental due diligence. Inman and Engels share their expertise on how ClimateCheck’s innovative approach is shaping the future of real estate risk management and the emerging opportunities for consultants in this rapidly evolving field.

About the Speaker:

Nicole Engels, Chief Growth Officer, ClimateCheck
Nicole Engels is a business development expert, specializing in the domain of climate risk. She plays a pivotal role in assisting real estate professionals to enhance their investment and underwriting decisions, through data driven approaches. Nicole holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh and an MBA from Columbia Business School.
Caleb Inman, Founder and CEO, Climate Check
Cal is the Founder and CEO of ClimateCheck, a climate risk data company. He is also a Bay Area commercial real estate developer and lecturer at UC Berkeley, Masters in Real Estate Development + Design.

About the Moderator:

Mary Ann Grena Manley, Founder & President, 15E Communications LLC
Mary Ann Grena Manley is the Founder and President of 15E Communications, a Washington, DC-based strategic communications firm specializing in environmental policy analysis, content creation, and brand leadership consulting. Before founding 15E in 2020, Mary Ann managed Bloomberg Industry Group’s coverage and analysis of global EHS and sustainability issues for over 20 years.