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Episode 3 – Best Practices (and worst!) For Phase I Research Reports in Canada; May 2019


Not all Phase I reports are created equal. And some are downright dangerous. Phase Is are a common and necessary first-step in many environmental professionals’ due diligence workflow. In this discussion, Brayden Ford and his expert guest, Bill Leedham, give you clear best practice advice for Phase I research reports. They cover not only best practices but some common (and costly) mistakes, lurking dangers, and the limitations placed on the fulfillment of this important first step.

About the Moderator:

Brayden Ford. Brayden’s inspired journey with ERIS began in 2012. Since then, he’s succeeded in a variety of sales roles in both Canada and the United States. His diverse skill set has helped the company foster and grow the business across North America. In his current role, Brayden is responsible for leading the Canadian sales team, managing existing clients and developing new business.

About the Speaker:

Bill Leedham is the President of Down 2 Earth Environmental Services Inc., and is a licensed Professional Geoscientist and is registered as a Qualified Person with the Ontario MECP. Mr. Leedham is the primary course developer and Head Instructor for AESAC’s Phase One and Two ESA Training courses. Bill has over thirty years of consulting experience in the areas of Phase One and Phase Two ESA, site remediation, geology, contaminant hydrogeology, geotechnical investigations, peer review, training/mentoring, risk assessment, risk management, hazardous materials management, and building sciences.