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Episode 4 – Six Rules for Great Technical Report Writing: June 2019


Want to make better technical reports (with less effort)? Kelly Stratton knows how. After years of report writing as an environmental professional Kelly launched technical report writing platform Quire specifically to help clients produce better reports more easily. Kelly outlines six ways you can improve your reports in a conversation that will be help anyone who writes technical reports as part of their responsibilities.

About the Moderator:

Jeff Doerner is the Senior Vice President, US Sales at ERIS. He leads the company’s initiatives in the United States by working directly with customers and managing the national sales team. Jeff is an accomplished sales and business development executive with over 20 years of experience working in the environmental due diligence and M&A software space. His sales acumen, experience and assertive manner have provided the foundation of understanding multiple market segments of the Phase I industry.

About the Speaker:

Kelly Stratton Kelly Stratton is the founder and CEO of Quire. Combining an analytical education, technical experience and a creative drive, Ms. Stratton became an entrepreneur in 2010 when she founded Quire, LLC. Quire is a robust online report writing platform designed to promote efficiency, quality control and collaboration.