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ERIS Has A New Report Format

After operating on the same platform for the past 14 years, ERIS needed to upgrade its software to facilitate accessing complex data and meet client expectations. This upgrade enabled us to deliver a new, user-friendly report to our clients. Our new report format neatly organizes and streamlines report data, giving you easy access to the information you’re looking for.


  1. Functions within the Database Report are best optimized with Adobe 11, but will also work with Adobe 7 or higher.
  2. Interactive links allow you to easily toggle between sections of the document. You can move from the Executive Summary to the Detail Report, and to Database Descriptions. Links are highlighted in blue.
  3. Adobe Bookmarks (open side bar view) organize each section of the report for you, essentially creating an interactive table of contents. You can go directly to your page of choice, and access the details and interactive links within.
  4. You Get More Data! Our new report format now includes elevation data indicating the difference and distance of each record from the subject site.

We hope that you will find the new format more interactive and user-friendly. There is no doubt that there will be a period of adjustment, getting familiar with the new format, however, we welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.


Check out our new ERIS report manual!


We are continuously striving to add client requested improvements. Within the coming weeks, watch for notification regarding:

  • Map Key links to the Detail Report
  • Map layers that turn on and off
  • An instant standard report – on your desktop within a few minutes.