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ERIS and State Tax


To: All of Our Valued US Customers

From: Carol LeNoury, President, Environmental Risk Information Services

Re: State Tax Laws

2015 was a very busy and productive year for ERIS. In the fourth quarter, not only did ERIS purchase TRS Historical Products, expanding ERIS’ aerial collection and giving us an office presence in Austin, Texas, but we also formed a US Corporation, ERIS Information Inc. With a growing number of employees and offices in the US came the requirement for a more formalized corporate infrastructure.

Some of you may have noticed that there are a few states in which ERIS must now charge sales tax in order to comply with US laws. There are some states that do not consider our reports and historical products the type of products that require taxation, however, every state differs, and there are some that now insist that we collect and pay state taxes. You will only be charged tax in states in which ERIS is required to do so by law.

Our pledge is to continue providing the most competitively priced and accurate data, with turnaround times that surpass your expectations in every state, from coast to coast. We look forward to our continued relationship, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.