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Celebrating GIS Day 2023 with ERIS

Celebrating GIS Day with ERIS: Unlocking the Power of GIS

On this special occasion, join ERIS in celebrating the remarkable contributions of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to environmental and commercial property risk assessment and due diligence. GIS is a transformative technology that empowers us to capture, analyze, and visualize spatial data, enabling informed decision-making by considering geographic context.

At ERIS we rely on GIS daily to drive our development and success.

For over a decade, ERIS has partnered with Esri’s GIS technology, enhancing our environmental risk and property due diligence services. By utilizing Esri’s advanced ArcGIS technology, we have streamlined our processes and increased staff productivity. This has also allowed us to offer innovative options like self-serve reports and interactive maps for visualizing risk information.

This StoryMap showcases how ERIS leverages GIS to provide valuable insights and tools for environmental due diligence, benefiting properties in the US and Canada.

Take a Journey with ERIS for GIS Day