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Now Available… ERIS Xplorer

ERIS is excited to announce

ERIS Xplorer
ERIS is excited to introduce a powerful, interactive tool for overlaying and analyzing data and historical images. Now, ERIS provides a platform to visualize and analyze all of the environmental risk information about your study area – all in one place, with built-in tools for analysis and customization. Order ERIS Xplorer as an add-on product to any US Database Report, Physical Setting Report or Historical Product, including Aerial Photographs, Topographic Maps, and Fire Insurance Maps.

Features of ERIS Xplorer:

  • Overlay data and multiple images over current street layers and compare changes over time.
  • Switch between Street, Satellite, or Terrain base layers to more effectively analyze the project property and related data.
  • Accommodate Custom / Linear Reports for efficient review and analysis.
  • View the transition of study area images through the decades using the Transition Tool.
  • Filter data sources and view only the desired data sources on the map.
  • Look up specific addresses or keywords using the Search functionality.
  • Calculate the distance between 2 points or within a polygon area using the Measure Tool.
  • Draw and/or add comments directly to any layer, then print to PDF for easy sharing between colleagues and clients.
  • Save views with your drawings, measurements, notations and filters.
  • Centralize Reports and Historical Products for the study area all in one place – no need to leave the application to download reports.

The add-on is $25 per order.

Call your Regional Account Manager to arrange a demo, visit our website, or contact ERIS directly at 1-866-517-5204.