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Spring 2024 Spotlight on Scriva by ERIS

March 21, 2024 – ERIS is launching into Spring 2024 with a spotlight on its high-performance report authoring platform, Scriva. Its comprehensive suite of features will transform team collaboration, efficiency and customized, quality output.

Scriva is the crowning achievement in ERIS’ end-to-end solution – its ‘Power Suite’ of integrated applications, built using the most advanced technology and platforms. Of course, a noteworthy advantage of Scriva is its seamless integration of ERIS data – and, how it can incorporate and apply information gathered in the field through ERIS Mobile, in Figure Creator, and from Xplorer.

Its ability to assign, track and collaborate on document production creates a robust project management system that goes beyond report-writing. All this, with stress-free onboarding, dedicated support, and no pricing surprises.

Our latest campaign highlights its unique position in the market, and its multitude of powerful benefits that offer unlimited possibilities.

Now Scriva offers even more productivity benefits built in:

Exclusive Groups Functionality
Customize unique project views; create dynamic groups; set access restrictions

Confidential Projects & Restricted Access
Added security for private reports; access granted or revoked with a keystroke

Enhanced Spelling & Grammar Check
Flags spelling, grammar, and style guide issues; optional auto-correct and personal dictionary customizations

Optimized Find & Replace
Real-time search through entire report; quickly make global changes

For more information, please contact Dan McAuley, Sales Manager, Scriva, or your ERIS Regional Account Manager, to find out what Scriva can do for you. Or request a personalized demo.