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An EBA Christmas Carol – The growth of a company that mirrors its leader

December 14, 2022 — An EBA Christmas Carol featuring Carol Le Noury, President, ERIS

Each year, at Christmas, Environmental Bankers Association (EBA) invites a member to share their story in what has become a holiday tradition; based on the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”.

In keeping with the EBA Risk Call tradition, the story has been modified by Carol Le Noury, President of ERIS, to share her past, present, and future in a way to inspire, and is intended to bring hope and joy during this Christmas Season. Carol shares about:

PAST: Trade and consumer show management provided 25 years of experience for growing businesses from start-ups to superstars. Living with change, overcoming fears, and driving forward in pursuit of the dream.

PRESENT: The significance of the man behind the woman, family traditions and how family life adventures present preparedness lessons for business.

FUTURE: Continuously striving to make a difference, to lead with conviction, instill challenge, mentor cutting edge thinking and always embrace change.

Join in the spirit of the season to learn more about our incredible leader and how the growth of ERIS is tied closely to the growth of our leader.

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