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What makes it a ‘Smart’ City Directory?

The SmartCD is the most comprehensive and intuitive city directory report in the industry. It allows the professionals at ERIS to use their knowledge of historical and regional nuances to provide an ASTM-compliant CD search with no extra work for you.

ERIS has developed proprietary technology that allows us to better select adjoining properties based on the E1527-21 Standard’s guidance. This new methodology alleviates guess work and valuable time for the environmental professional and results in a high quality, more accurate, and ASTM-compliant product – with fewer reworks. That’s smart.

How it works

1) You outline the boundary of your subject property when placing the order.

2) You are not required to provide the street names and address ranges (unless you know and want to, heck, we’ll take all the helpful information you can provide!).

3) Our team will pull relevant adjoining property addresses based on your subject property boundaries. Our Researchers utilize their access to parcel information, historical maps, imagery, and other sources as needed. This helps not only to identify adjacent addresses but also street name changes, address renumbering, historic streets, etc.

4) Should you have a larger property or complex site that requires more extensive research, our team of professionals will reach out and provide complimentary consultation on options for you to evaluate.

It’s historical data created in a thoroughly modern way. Ready to reap the benefits?

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Time savings – when placing the ERIS order, there is no need to determine which streets need city directory research, that’s the ‘Smart’ in SmartCD

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Reduce rework requests – the SmartCD catches street name changes and address renumbering on the front end

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Help ensure compliance with ASTM – the SmartCD takes the guesswork and human error out of determining adjoining property addresses


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